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Boxed Lunches

NOTE: Boxed lunches can be available as a plated cold lunch | Please limit your selection to three (3) full sandwiches or salads. All sandwiches and salads include gourmet chips & house-made cookie. All standard breads are baked locally and fresh daily from Renzema's Bakery (Gluten Free Available) | Add a bottle water or canned soda for $2.00 | Under 15 orders $14.95 per boxed lunch | Over 15 orders $12.95 per boxed lunch

Sandwich Selection

Roast Beef & Sharp Cheddar

artisan white bread, lettuce, tomato, horseradish mayo

Roasted Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella

artisan white bread, pesto cream cheese spread


Smoked Ham & Swiss

swirl rye bread, stone ground mustard slaw, lettuce

Grilled Vegetable & Spinach Wrap

spinach, feta cheese, herb cream cheese spread


Grilled Chicken Salad

oatmeal sandwich roll, apple, walnut, grapes

Oven Roasted Turkey

oatmeal bread, havarti cheese, roasted red pepper mayo, lettuce, tomato

Club Sandwich

potato roll, bacon, roast turkey, lettuce, tomato,
country mustard mayo

Salad Selection

Grilled Chicken Caesar

house-made croutons, shaved parmesan, house-made caesar dressing

Classic Chef Salad

roast turkey, ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber, onion, boiled egg, creamy herb dressing

Grilled Salmon & Spring Greens

toasted almonds, crumbled goats cheese, fresh seasonal berries, citrus vinaigrette

Gluten free

Southwestern Blackened Chicken

roasted corn and black bean salsa, tomato, cheddar cheese, creamy herb dressing

Roasted Artichoke Salad

served over greens with tomato, roasted peppers, onions, olives, feta cheese, and served with a side of white balsamic vinaigrette

Gluten free

Chef's Choice

Chef's Choice

sandwich or salad, chips, piece of fruit and cookie | vegetarian sandwiches upon request

per box

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